Weekend in Zárate!!

Las tejas is located in Zaraté just 2 hours from Capital Federal. It´s close to the Paraná river and has beautiful landscapes. The grounds have a camping area, cabins that have been constructed in antique boats by the riverside, and an inn. Las Tejas is a great place to spend a weekend or even just one night having an asado with friends and enjoying the outdoors!




A circus on the joy of playing.
A group of men and boys embark on a
rapid and exciting trip where the point of
starting to discover the possibilities and the challenge
imposed by physical play. Meetings and
encounters, successes and frustrations, love and
hatred, selfishness and solidarity, complicity and humor,
live in a universal space where the game and
Circus of equals and contains.


BAFICI was born in 1999 and has ever since grown to become one of the most prominent film festivals in the world, placed as it is in a privileged position on the international film agenda.

The Festival is renowned as an essential means of promotion for the independent film output, where the most innovative, daring and committed films can be shown.

In the span of its comprehensive programming the festival comprises several cultural expressions and gathers acclaimed directors and new talents within a dynamic atmosphere.

With its wide range of films including Argentine, Latin American and worldwide premieres as well as well-deserved retros, BAFICI is the greatest, most prestigious event for the independent cinema in Latin America.

The number of visitors increases year after year: 184.5 thousand people attended the festival in 2005, while in 2008 that number rose to 220 thousand, among the 1011 screenings at all 9 venues of the festival. These and other figures lead us to conclude that the latest has been the most successful edition ever. Not only was there a record of sold tickets, which amounted to more than 167 thousand, but there also was an innovation of a season of Argentine cinema in the open air, in the Carlos Gardel street of the Abasto district.

A year later, in the 2009 edition, 245 thousand people enjoyed the 1069 festival’s screenings and they also had access to the unified-ticket selling system which allows buying tickets for any theatre or screening. Moreover, the new section BAFICITO was added for the little ones.

Buenos Aires breathes cinema and its citizens, well-known for their avid filmgoing, join each edition in a growing number.

more info: http://www.bafici.gob.ar/home11/web/en/bafici/index.html


You can get your tickets in advance on the internet at http://www.festivales.gob.ar through:


Or personally at all the ticket booths of the following venues:

Cine Hoyts Abasto – Av. Corrientes 3247
Atlas Santa Fe – Av. Santa Fe 2015
Arteplex Belgrano – Av. Cabildo 2829
Complejo Cultural Cine Teatro 25 de Mayo – Av. Triunvirato 4444
Teatro San Martín. Sala Leopoldo Lugones – Av. Corrientes 1530 Piso 10º
Malba Cine – Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415
Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires – Av. Córdoba 946
Cine Cosmos – Av. Corrientes 2046


The successful, award-winning Irish band archivendedora known to all, U2, is on the crest of the wave of the launch of his latest album (the 12 th studio album by the band) called “No Line on the horizon.” New York Street 53 (between Broadway and 8th Avenue) took the name “U2 Way” for a week in London played “to the Beatles” on the terraces of the BBC by surprise before 5000 people, and the numbers and U2 situations are successful.

“No line in the horizon” first debuted in the rankings of more than 40 countries and only in its first week of sales were nearly 500,000 units sold, which especially in the Internet and in times of crises in various parts of the world is a lot.

In the midst of this moment of success, U2 has already begun to prepare for the continuation of “No line on the horizon,” which Bono confirmed to be called “Songs of Ascent” and is beginning to travel the world with tours tore walking around the world in June 2009.

The tour to present “No Line On The Horizon” is called “360 º Tour” is sponsored by Blackberry, and started the June 30, 2009 at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. First visited 14 cities in Europe, then the United States and Canada, and by early 2011 would come down to South America to provide, among other countries in the region, a new show of U2 in Argentina.

As to the place where they will be U2 in Argentina 2011, is confirmed to be the Estadio Unico de La Plata, in Buenos Aires since there are many issues ratings for stages of the same capacity.

This is the first U2 concert in Argentina not held in Buenos Aires city itself (although it is in Buenos Aires province) and Muse will be the opening band.

* Miércoles 30 de Marzo de 2011 a las 19:30 hs.

* Sábado 2 de Abril de 2011 a las 19:30 hs.

* Domingo 3 de Abril de 2011 a las 19:30 hs. > NUEVA Y ÚLTIMA FUNCIÓN

Carnaval Porteño 2011 – Buenos Aires Carnival

Every weekend from Saturday, February 5 until Tuesday, March 8, 2011, the “Carnaval Porteño 2011” (Buenos Aires Carnival) will take place at different neighborhoods, with the participation of 17 thousand artists, 100 “murgas” (carnival bands), and over one thousand drums and percussion instruments.

The parades will be held from 7 PM to 2 AM on Saturdays, and from 7 PM to 12 AM on Sundays and Carnival Holidays (March 7 and 8).

This year there will also be Carnival shows at the Amphitheater Eva Peron in Parque Centenario, (Leopoldo Marechal & Lillo), on Fridays 11, 18 and 25 of February and Mach 4, at 8:00pm.

Murgas and carnival are the artistic expressions of the marginal neighborhoods, their songs and urban folk customs. The lyrics of these songs are called “criticas”, and combine the social denunciation with humor and dancing. What identifies the “murga porteña” from others are their costumes (frock coat, gloves, top hat, and stick), the drums with cymbals, and the various traditional rhythms used to differentiate every neighborhood.

Graffiti tour Buenos Aires

After this tour you will look in a totally different way at graffiti in the city. It’s nice to know the thoughts and reasons behind the graffiti.

You’ll learn all about the Buenos Aires street art scene and find out why it is unique in the world. Finish in the city’s only stencil art bar, the tour also gives you the chance to meet with artists and buy affordable artwork.

When: Group tours run every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Private tours can be arranged any day (subject to guide availability).

Time: Start to finish: 4pm – 7pm approx.

Cost: AR$90 pesos per person- includes minibus transport and a list of recommendations.

Tours spaces are limited, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. All tours are led in English.

Casa Carranza: Homemade Mexican Food!

Mexican food is popular in Buenos Aires and there are several Mexican restaurants here to choose from. We´d like to share a bit about a new option with you: Casa Carranza!

Casa Carranza is not a standard restaurant. It is actually a Mexican food delivery service serving delicious typical dishes from Mexico. Karla, the owner, is originally from Mexico and is in charge of this unique delivery service.

As Karla explained to us, the name ‘Casa Carranza’ comes from a couple of sources. Venustiano Carranza was a Mexican president who participated in the Mexican Revolution together with Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. And it also happens that the kitchen is located on Angel Carranza St. in Palermo Hollywood!

Karla studied hotel management and then worked for different hotels and private clubs in Mexico and the US before she landed in Argentina. Once in Buenos Aires, and after working for a recording studio, she became familiarized with the catering and delivery services and in 2007 she came up with the idea of offering this Mexican food service for those who enjoy deviating from the standard steak and potatoes fare of Buenos Aires.

Casa Carranza offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes, and of course the famous tacos and guacamole are the customers´ favorites!

So far Casa Carranza is offering delivery service only, for both daily customers (businesses and individuals) and also for private events (such as birthday parties, business meetings, baptisms, etc.). Requests for this delicious food should be made 24 hrs in advance!

Karla’s ideas for the future include offering cooking classes and opening Casa Carranza as a regular restaurant, so keep your eyes open!

For more information, visit www.casacarranza.com.ar