Summer Party with Casa34!!

What do you think about, when you think about your favourite party?

Do you have the same summer party in mind as me, then I have something great for you!  It will happen in about 2 days from now…
I’m talking about the most incredible party of this year!! The only thing you have to do is come and take your friends with you! This will be a fiesta, where you can relax, drink, dance and enjoy.  I say one thing, enjoy this amazing party, and you will have an unforgettable time!
We would love to see you there at the First Sunny Saturday of November in Van Koning, Baez 325 from 23 AM…

I will tell you my perfect summer party,
Imagine… The temperature just gives you the feeling of a perfect beach party at the end of the day; the people are open minded and gorgeous, wearing clothes you can´t stop looking at.
The location is in a big city but it doesn’t feels like it. From the terrace, you can see the lights of the beautiful city. And there is a DJ who’s playing the whole night all your favourite songs! You can dance like you have never done before.. The drinks are cold as ice and of course there is lovely food…


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