From the shortage of coins until how to chose a restaurant…

Buenos Aires,

When you just arrive in this city, there are plenty of things, you want to do. But where do you start? Who gives you all the general information?
There are a few things, which are very useful to know!
I’ll give you some ´tips´, which I learned in the past few months and which I want to share with you!

A thing what’s quite weird in this country. Beside of the coins, which are always on a shortage. There is a problem to get more then 300 ARS (+/- 90 USD), but there is a bank, the

Citibank, who can give you an amount up to 2500 ARS. And that can be useful, when you have to pay a large amount, for example rent. However it’s cheaper because probably you have to pay interests for every transaction you make.

Citibank are located for example at, Av. Santa Fe 3168, Callao 1902, Av. Corrientes 1720, Av. Santa Fe 1634, Av. Santa Fe 2570, Florida 740. There are a lot more, contact me if you want to know one closer to your place..

Bus, There are so many busses in this city, but how can you to know to get somewhere?
Buy Guía at a kiosk. In this small guide, all the lines are explained to get somewhere.
Note, you only can pay with coins in busses (which are hard to get) and they stops when the driver wants to stop, so when they pass while you´re waiting, its part of this culture.

There are so many different places to go to; besides of reading all the other blogs on this page, you can buy the ´Time Out´. In this magazine, they give you all the information which you can use when you have to choose, for a club, restaurant, bar, coffee, etc. They are arranged by neighbourhood and gives you a good explanation .

As well you have a website, and on this site you can reed all the critics about restaurants, on this site also all the numbers and directions. It’s ranked by the customers, very useful.

Because the exchange rate changes every day more less, you can see at the day rate but also you can see the progress of the rate from dollar, peso, Euro, etc.

When you want to good travelling and want to know how many hours or what the price is, on this webpage, you can planning through your trip..

When you barely know this city, but you want to discover it, you find some spots, which you want to visit but only have the direction. Visit and on this site you can fill in your destination and it shows you on a map, where it’s located.

For today, this is enough. When there something coming up in mind I will let you know!

Please give me comments when you think, there is a better way or even a whole other point.


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